Where’s the Christmas market now?

About 100 markets still operating in UK – but not all of them are open over this festive season

With Christmas markets in Europe in chaos this month over failing lenders and security fears over Paris, Berlin and Strasbourg, it’s no surprise that many smaller – though still significant – markets have run into the sand.

In Britain, many remain, with only 100 markets still functioning: Belfast, Edinburgh, Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, London and Birmingham. But just how long will their luster remain?

These markets are not just a festive pastime, bringing in people from Britain and elsewhere. A study by the British Chambers of Commerce found that smaller markets across the UK brought in more than £2bn in sales and were responsible for almost 40,000 full-time jobs.

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A number of larger markets have been forced to pull out, such as in Leeds, Bristol, Bristol, Leeds, Coventry, Oxford, Sheffield, Newport, Bristol, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Norwich, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Norwich, Bristol, Essex, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Kingston-upon-Thames, Durham, Southend-on-Sea, Harrogate, Cambridge, Hereford, Somerset, Shropshire, Hampshire, Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Wokingham, Dublin, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Plymouth, Truro, Carlisle, Liverpool, Telford, Belfast, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and Plymouth.

With some markets expected to run only a handful of days, it is unlikely that there will be many festive events. Even across the UK, Christmas markets have been dying off.

A report in 2017 by research firm Mintel found that only one in five Britons visited a Christmas market in the last two years. Only a handful had been visited by a third of respondents in the past two years, and fewer than a fifth of British shoppers had visited a Christmas market in the past year.

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