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Produce Voucher Program

Farmer's Market ProduceLow income Atlantic County residents, age 60 years and older are encouraged to take advantage of the state's farm market produce voucher program, coordinated through the Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services, that provides an opportunity to purchase locally grown produce using $30 worth of free vouchers. The vouchers may be used at participating farm marketsđánh lô đề online from July through October.

For the safety of participants, vouchers will be distributed by mail this year. Interested residents may call the county’s information and assistance hotline at 1-888-426-9243 to request vouchers.

If all requirements are met, vouchers, guidelines and a list of participating farm markets will be mailed to the verified address. Vouchers may only be used by the person to whom they were provided. Lost or stolen vouchers cannot be replaced.

Requirements for Farmers’ Market Vouchers






SINGLE PERSON:       $1,968/mo OR $23,606/yr

MARRIED COUPLE:    $2,658/mo OR $31,894/yr


Farmer's Market Voucher Guidelines

đánh lô đề onlineVouchers must be used only by the person whom they were given. They cannot be transferred to another person.

These checks can be used only at authorized farmers' markets, NOT grocery stores. A list of the markets in Atlantic County is located belowđánh lô đề online. Look for the large yellow "Farmers' Market Nutrition Program" poster to identify farmer.

Vouchers are good for locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They cannot be used for citrus, tropical fruits, or baked/processed goods.

đánh lô đề onlineSign the check on the bottom right-side near the X to present for purchase of your produce.

đánh lô đề online Vouchers are given in $5.00 increment checks. Seniors do not have to use all checks in one trip, but please redeem all vouchers.

Select at least $5.00 worth of produce, since you will notđánh lô đề online receive cash change for your purchase. All vouchers must be used between the valid dates.

Lost vouchers will not be replaced. Please keep your vouchers in a safe place until ready to use.

Due to the growing season, weather, availability of produce, and the farm markets hours of operation, it is advisable to use your vouchers by September 30.đánh lô đề online  A list of participating farmers’ markets is located below.

For questions or concerns in Atlantic County, please call 1-888-426-9243.


Farmers’ and Community Farmers Market

Farmers are following social distancing of 6 feet apart.  Masks are required.

Atlantic City Farmers’ Market
1200 Atlantic Ave., AC
Thurs only   8:30-2:00

Bertuzzi’s Farm Market
831 Tuckahoe Rd., Milmay
Daily  7-7

Brigantine Farmers’ Market
15th and Revere Blvd, Brig
đánh lô đề online Saturday only 8:30-Noon

Butterhof’s Shady Brook Farm
5800 White Horse Pike, Egg Harbor City
Daily 9-5

Honey and Sweets Farm Stand
540 Chestnut Neck Rd./Rt. 575, Port Republic
Wed. thru Sun.  9-6

Levari Farm Market
1165 Route 40, Buena
Daily   8-6

Linn Farm Market
6797 Route 40, Mays Landing
Daily 10-6

Margate Farmers’ Market
9700 Amherst Ave. --corner of Amherst &
Monroe Ave. Margate—June thru Aug 6
Thurs. only   8:30-Noon

Muzzarelli Farm Market
3460 Oak Rd., Buena Vista
đánh lô đề online Daily 8-6

Ocean City Farmers’ Market
6th St. & Asbury Ave.
June thru Sept
đánh lô đề online Wed. only  8-1

Pastore Orchards  
626 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton
Daily 8-7

Pleasant Valley Farms
4250 Harding Hwy., Mays Landing—Aug-Nov
Mon-Fri  11-5,  Sat-Sun  10-5



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