The Atlantic County Office of Geographic Information Systems provides both interactive and static maps of Atlantic County through this website.
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New Jersey
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Department of Regional Planning and Development

Office of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Office of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

đánh lô đề onlineThe Atlantic County Office of Geographic Information Systems provides both interactive and static maps of Atlantic County through this page. Using the allows you to select and control a wide variety of viewable data through this mapping function. Static maps are GIS based PDF files which have been pre-structured for specific views.

Atlantic County GIS Services are provided in conjunction with the

Note: By clicking on any of the links on this page I acknowledge that I have read and accept conditions as noted in disclaimerđánh lô đề online at the bottom of this page.

Download Data

View zip files containing GIS data in shapefile formatđánh lô đề online that you can download to your desktop.

Public Mapping Servicesđánh lô đề online provide aerial photography to the general public for review and copy.

Static Maps

View a collection of static maps produced by the Atlantic County Office Of Geographic Information Systems in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Interactive Web Maps

đánh lô đề onlineView GIS maps for Atlantic County locations and extract information in GIS and data table format right to your desktop.

Papers & Presentations

View various articles and exhibits from the Atlantic County Office of GIS.  Such as, technical help documents, GIS day activities and past MAC URISA demonstrations highlighting the potential for the development of the Disaster Inundation Prediction Indicator Tool or DIP-IT.

These map services and contained data are for demonstration purposes only and were not developed in accordance with National Map Accuracy Standards. Any use of this product with respect to accuracy and precision shall be the sole responsibility of the user. These map services and data were developed, in part, using New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Geographic Information System (GIS) digital data, in conjunction with the Atlantic County Office of Geographic Information Systems. These secondary products have not been verified by NJDEP and are not state authorized.

The geodetic accuracy and precision of the GIS data contained in these maps and services have not been developed nor verified by a professional licensed land surveyor and shall not be, nor are they intended to be used in matters requiring delineation and location of true ground horizontal and/or vertical controls.


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